Judgments, acts, deeds, extracts from the commercial registry, certificates, contracts


Economic analyses, annual reports, incorporations, statutes


Balance sheets, bank accounts, reports, forms, information for investors

Real Estate

Appraisals, purchase and sale documents, architectural plans, construction engineer reports


Clinical studies, medical reports, informed consent forms, pharmaceutical patents


Correspondence, marketing, websites, brochures, resumes, press releases


Expert reports, user manuals, data sheets, catalogs, product specifications


Presentations, theses, articles, essays, literary texts, journals, reviews


For Business

Our teachers go to your offices. The students can save time and follow a course targeted to their needs.

For individuals

The teacher is at the complete disposal of the student, and the duration, the frequency, as well as the program can be optimized and flexible.

For groups

The teachers teach small groups of up to six people at the same level, determined by an initial assessment test.

“Senza le traduzioni, sarei stato relegato tra i confini del mio Paese. Il traduttore è il mio alleato più grande. Mi ha fatto entrare nel mondo.”

Italo Calvino