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For our language courses, whether in a group, individual, or for the company, we are partners with INTERLANGUES, which has its office in Lugano and is always available to move anywhere in Ticino.

INTERLANGUES is a group of language schools based in Switzerland. Its mission is to provide high-quality education, geared toward adults, allowing them to learn modern languages, as well as to improve upon their already acquired knowledge.

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The methodological approach of INTERLANGUES, since its foundation in 1986, is direct and communicative.

INTERLANGUES supports e-learning, blended learning and learning by phone.

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  • Teach in their mother tongue (95% of cases).

  • Have a teaching certification for adults.

  • Have excellent general knowledge.

The most taught languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

The free online test is quick and can give you a preliminary idea as to your level. We are available for an accurate and complete assessment (free of charge) by appointment in our office in Via Balestra 7 in Lugano, or at your location.
Go to the German test
Go to the English test
Go to the French test

We organize individual lessons and group courses (from 3 to 6 participants) in our office or at the company. We also organize conversation courses and preparatory courses for the following exams: IELTS, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE, DELF and GOETHE INSTITUT.

Private customized courses offer flexibility that is particularly suited to people who:

  • Travel a lot

  • Have irregular hours

  • Do not feel comfortable in groups

  • Have learning difficulties

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We strongly recommend private customized courses for less common languages, like Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic (other languages upon request).

The advantages we offer:

  • The courses can start within a very short time period

  • The frequency is suited to the student’s needs

  • The days and times are determined with the teacher

  • The program is customized (content, pace of study)

  • Lessons that are canceled by 12:00 the day before are not counted

  • Two people of the same level may study together.

You can contact us by filling out our form on the bottom or through the following contact details:


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