We pass on the values in which we believe to our translations, which cover a variety of specialized fields

  • Legal
  • Economic
  • Financial
  • Real estate
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial
  • Technical
  • Editorial

Each document is generated by a professional linguist, a qualified specialist in his subject area, and is then edited and proofread by a colleague who is also an expert in the field. Each and every word is therefore translated, verified, researched, and corrected before being returned to you in your chosen language.

traduzioni certificate

In order to guarantee the continuity of translations and terminology for our clients we assign translators on an exclusive basis to projects or to specific clients, therefore providing long-term consistency.

We make use of TRADOS memory software, which is specifically designed for professional translations. Its memory bank of recurring terms allows for translations to be made with greater speed and coherence, which also means our clients benefit from a savings of time and money.

Companies, banks, fiduciaries, and both Swiss and international legal firms rely on us, confident to find a competent and trustworthy partner whose policy is to respect deadlines and to promptly deliver a quote or order confirmation.

We translate and edit 40 languages in all linguistic combinations.

traduzioni ticino

We also undertake all the necessary steps for apostilles and legalized documents, if necessary. We are recognized and approved, and are able to authenticate that a translation in its final form corresponds to the integrity of the source text. We then engage our notary for the authentication, the Lugano Courthouse for its own, if required, and the Bellinzona Clerk’s Office for the necessary apostille or legalization. Through courier service we are able to offer our clients this service within a 24-hour time period.


TI Traduce offers interpreting services in over 40 languages.

Interpreting is divided into the following areas:

  • Consecutive – The interpreter begins once the speaker has finished speaking.
  • Simultaneous – The interpreting takes place while the speaker is speaking, with the aid of headphones and booths for interpreters.
  • Chuchotage– The interpreting is almost simultaneous and is whispered to a small number of people.